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LMO record Ballerina with Klaus Badelt

Ball 1 smallLMO recently recorded Klaus Badelt’s score for Ballerina at Air Lyndhurst Hall.

This film is directed by Eric Summer and Eric Warin and Klaus Badelt scored for a 30 piece string section with flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, harp and piano. The session schedule also included an LMO 8 piece brass section.

Ball 2 smallLMO was led by David Juritz and conducted by Andy Brown.

Ballerina, distributed by the Weinstein Company, was released in the UK on December 19th.

Ballerina from Andy Brown on Vimeo.

LMO make the Mannequin Challenge!

Estruscan smallLMO recently made their very own Mannequin Challenge during recordings for The Etruscan Smile with composer Frank Ilfman at Air Lyndhurst Hall.

Frank’s beautiful score was recorded over 2 days in December 2016 with 40 strings, flute, clarinet and harp. LMO was lead by Rita Manning and the score was orchestrated and conducted by Matthew Slater.

The Etruscan Smile will be released later in 2017.

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The London Metropolitan Orchestra is London's finest multimedia orchestra and has been engaged by all the major Hollywood studios and worldwide record companies since its formation in 1994. Andy Brown, Music Director of LMO, has directed the orchestra in numerous studio recordings, live performances and TV broadcasts.

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LMO conducted by Andy brown were privileged to take part in London Grammer’s recent live video recording. Here it is!