LMO record ‘Sun’ with Two Door Cinema Club for Universal Audio

LMO recently recorded ‘Sun’ with Two Door Cinema Club and producer/engineer Jacknife Lee at Air Lyndhurst Hall, London.

Arranger Davide Rossi scored for 39 strings, 4 flutes (with 2 doubles), 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 tenor trombones, 1 bass trombone, tuba, 2 percussion and timps, with solo vocals by Daisy Chute.

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LMO are the featured orchestra for Virgin Media’s new campaign with Usain Bolt

1 smallLMO were honoured to be chosen by Virgin Media as the featured orchestra for the new Switch to Super: Orchestra TV Ad.

To demonstrate Virgin Media’s new fast broadband, the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt exhorts the orchestra to play faster and faster as he increases speed on a treadmill next to them..

Filming took place over 2 days at 3 Mills studios, London.

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Endeavour Series VI starts broadcasting on ITV 1

Endeavour VI sessionThe first film in Endeavour Series VI broadcasts on ITV 1 on February 10th.

LMO recently recorded Matt Slater’s score for the hugely popular ITV Drama series Endeavour, starring Shaun Evans.

This film entitled Pylon is also directed by Shaun Evans for the first time. LMO was led by Rita Manning and conducted by the composer. The session was engineered by Paul Golding at Abbey Road Studio 1.

Endeavour series VI is produced by Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece for ITV.

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Endeavour Series 6: Pylon from Andy Brown on Vimeo.