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Leonard Slatkin discusses a point with John Corigliano during the recent LMO sessions for Edge Of Darkness.

LMO recently completed recordings for Edge Of Darkness – Mel Gibson’s new thriller directed by Martin Campbell and distributed by Warner Bros for worldwide release later in 2009.

Edge Of Darkness tells the story of a homicide detective Thomas Craven (played by Mel Gibson) who, in investigating the death of his activist daughter, uncovers a corporate cover up involving government collusion.

LMO enjoyed very much working for the first time with celebrated American composer John Corigliano and used several different orchestral strengths – the largest group being 85 musicians and the smallest being 58.

LMO was conducted by Leonard Slatkin and the score was produced by Teese Gohl and engineered by Steve McGlaughlin at Abbey Road Studio 1.

LMO and Leonard Slatkin record a cue for Edge Of Darkness.

LMO and Leonard Slatkin record a cue for Edge Of Darkness.