LMO record A Single Shot with Atli Orvarsson

Lmo SmallLMO recently recorded Atli Orvarsson‘s music for A Single Shot at British Grove Studios.

After the tragic death of a beautiful young girl, this crime thriller describes a tense game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon (played by Sam Rockwell) and a gang of hardened criminals who are out for vengeance.

Steve:Andy box 2 smallAtli Orvarsson wrote for a large LMO chamber group comprising 2 violins, 2 violas, 7 cello and 3 double basses. Most of the music was written in individual parts for this ensemble and extended techniques were used in the scoring and orchestration. Tom Bowes led LMO and played several violin solos and Caroline Dale contributed cello solos. Atli Orvarsson conducted LMO and the sessions were recorded and produced by Steve Mclaughlin.

A Single Shot, directed by David Rosenthal, was recently released in the US.

A Single Shot from Andy Brown on Vimeo.