LMO record Batman Live with James Brett

Batman Live SmallLMO recently recorded James Bretts’ score for Batman The Live World Arena Tour over 19 sessions at Abbey Road Studio 1.

50 strings, 12 woodwind, harp and piano convened for 9 sessions and a brass complement of 14 were involved for 5 sessions with the addition of a Big Band which comprised 15 brass, 5 saxes and a 4 piece rhythm section. Percussion were then recorded separately with 2
sessions for 4 percussion players, a taiko session for 3 players and a solo
timpani session. LMO SmallLMO was led by Tom Bowes and conducted by the composer James Brett. Orchestrations were by James Brett, Adam Langston and Julian Kershaw and Rob Houston was the music editor. The sessions were all engineered and mixed by Pete Cobbin.

The Batman Live World Arena Tour is a unique action-packed stage show which will tour the UK and Europe before arriving in North America in summer 2012. The tour started at the Manchester Evening News Arena on July 19, 2011.

Batman Live from Andy Brown and James Brett on Vimeo