LMO score Another Me with Michael Price

1 smallLMO recently scored Another Me with composer Michael Price at Abbey Road studio 1.

Another Me, which is written and directed by Isabel Coixet tells the story of a beautiful young girl who is haunted by her secret past..

Michael Price used a string section of 34 (18 violins, 6 violas, 6 celli and 4 double basses) with 4 woodwind (flute doubling alto and bass flute, oboe doubling cor anglais, clarinet doubling bass clarinet, and bassoon doubling contra bassoon), harp, glass harmonica and percussion.

2 smallJanice Graham led LMO which was conducted by Anthony Weedon and the sessions were engineered by Andy Dudman and produced by Michael Price.

Another Me, distributed by Rainy Day Films and funded by Fox International Productions, was shot in Wales and Spain and opened in 2014.

Another Me from Andy Brown on Vimeo.