LMO score Next Gen with Alexis and Sam

1 smallLMO recently recorded Alexis and Sam’s score for Next Gen.

Next Gen is an animated action adventure comedy written and directed by Kevin R Adams and Joe Ksander. It tells the story of 2 boys who become friends in a society populated by robots.

Alexis Marsh and Samuel Jones scored for full orchestra over 2 days
(4 sessions).

2 smallThe largest group comprised 37 strings with 2 flutes, 1 one oboe, 2 clarinets and bassoon, (all with doubles). Brass lined up as 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 2 tenor trombones, bass trombone and tuba. David Juritz led LMO and the sessions were conducted by Chris Egan. The recordings took place at Air Lyndhurst Hall with Nick Woolage as engineer.

Next Gen is slated for a summer 2018 release and Netflix has reportedly
recently acquired Worldwide rights (outside China).